Take the Long Way Home – Part 5

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South Dakota (Part 2) – The Badlands

Have I mentioned how much I loved driving through South Dakota? I reeeally loved driving through South Dakota. I especially loved coming across these golden fields of sunflowers throughout our drive. So pretty.

 IMG_0638 IMG_0640

We stopped at this antique market just so we could have a $.10 Pepsi… then we completely forgot about it and left without having any. Call it a senior moment, if you will. I could have spent hours in this place, though; especially looking through all the old books (my weakness) and the vintage metal lunchboxes.

IMG_0626 IMG_0627

One of our pre-planned destinations for the trip was Badlands National Park. This place was amazing, with all the naturally-formed peaks and spires and cliffs.

IMG_0648  IMG_0678

Chris had been to the Badlands with his parents when he was about three years old and they had taken this picture of him (seriously?? SOO adorable!).


We tried to recreate it to the best of our ability but since we didn’t have the original photo for reference it’s not exactly the same. Still, pretty close.


At this particular moment, Chris was trying to get the camera set on the tripod and asked me to stand there while he took some test shots. I may look calm but I was actually terrified about plunging to my death as there is a long, loooong drop off the side of that cliff.

IMG_0657 IMG_0659 

Gorgeous views.

IMG_0664 IMG_0666 

IMG_0681 IMG_0691 

The sun was starting to set when we were there so there were all these beautiful shadows and reflections everywhere.

 IMG_0694  IMG_0707 

IMG_0716 IMG_0725 

As we were leaving the park, we spotted a small family of antelope grazing on the side of the road. I finally get that whole “home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play…” thing!

IMG_0730 IMG_0731 

After leaving the Badlands, we drove to Wall, SD in order to make a stop at Wall Drug, which is, apparently, a tourist mecca. We only had a few minutes to check it out and pick up a couple of souvenirs before closing time (Chris had been there during a previous road trip with friends, but I never had).

IMG_0737 IMG_0740

We decided to have dinner at the Cactus Café across the street from Wall Drug, where Chris ordered the biggest beer I’ve ever seen in my life. I swear, after the waitress dropped it off, I asked him “did you order a pitcher??”


Chris took this picture before we left Wall.


Our stop for the night was Rapid City, SD. I wish we’d had more time to check it out, as there were several cool-looking little bars and pubs on the block where our hotel was located, but we needed to get to bed. However, the next morning Chris was looking out the window in our room and spotted something… uh… unusual…


A dinosaur! I have no idea what that was about, but seriously? How cool is that?


That’s it for now. More to come.


Peace out!


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