So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu…

Part of relocating to a different city or state or country is saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to friends and family that you love, the people that make up your every day interactions. We say goodbye and share some memories and shed some tears.


We started our goodbyes with a going away party at Monty’s Seafood and Raw Bar in Miami Beach. We invited our coworkers and friends and family. We invited everyone that we wanted to see, that made our life in Miami special and memorable. Several people were unable to attend, but we were grateful to spend time with all those that came out.

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177963_10151121972262228_679326125_o 178394_10151121973547228_2096867176_o 290064_10151121973667228_904143842_o 

266024_10151121972957228_529469741_o 324031_10151121972837228_399783972_o 177942_10151121973257228_7140849_o 

469520_10151121973122228_107133934_o 178780_10151121972447228_1426481323_o 471371_10151121969862228_270368568_o

This get together happened to take place a couple of days before my birthday so my sister and niece got me a Snickers pie and everyone sang “Happy Birthday.” And my friends, Renee and Jose, gave me a garden gnome as a going away/housewarming gift! I love him!! (There is a whole long story/inside joke thing behind the gnome.)

266090_10151121970017228_863870445_o 243645_10151121969787228_1379051754_o

Gnomie made his temporary home on my desk.



Then our friends, Carl and Agi, hosted a small potluck at their house and we got to see a few more friends.

202264_10151169746267228_1728382349_o 416041_10151169746537228_939753442_o 291055_10151169745832228_564140176_o

202264_10151169746082228_2004308539_o 288931_10151169746817228_1043278475_o


This past Sunday we got together with some of my scrappy girls for brunch at Perricone’s. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it for one reason or another, but it was still a good time with good company.

256930_10151169747272228_1415463955_o 290938_10151169747427228_560653231_o 616381_10151169747007228_1653850544_o


There was also a dinner at the home of one of Christian’s friends and a family dinner at my niece’s house, both of which I forgot to take pictures of.  This Friday we are having dinner with our friends, the Deans, and Sunday I’m having a “Girls’ Lunch” with my dear friend, Tere. It’s a lot of stuff, a lot of events to attend, a lot of people to see, a lot to keep track of. It’s a bit hectic but, to paraphrase Christian, “it should make you feel good and it shows who really cares about you.” 


And I care about them, too. These are the faces that I want to remember. Every single one of them is special to us in one way or another.


Peace out!

3 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu…

  1. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of your farewell celebrations. I wish you all the happiness in the world in your new home… Can’t wait to read about your road trip home.

  2. my beautiful friend, I hope your journey continues to be a blessed and happy one. I am so excited for you and pray that find you may encounter peace, serenity, lots of inspiration and love at the end of your journey! Love you a ton!

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