Home Sweet Home (or The Totally True Adventures of Building a Home from 3,000 Miles Away) – Part 2

And here are the remainder of the photos detailing the construction of our house.

The exterior siding was completed and shingles were added.

The front door, sidewalk, driveway and garage floor came next.

Drywall went up.

Masonry accents were added to the exterior.

The back patio was completed.

Drywall mud was added to the seams in preparation for paint.

Exterior painting was completed. Interior walls were primed, then painted.


Cabinetry got installed in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Entryway tile was laid.

Kitchen island and pantry were completed and baseboards installed throughout the house. Then the appliances were installed.

Ceiling fans were installed. Toilets were installed in the bathrooms. Countertops and backsplash were added to the bathrooms and kitchen.

Carpeting was installed and all the interior doors hung.

The final step was landscaping the front yard.

And that is how this…

Became this…


The only thing left to do now is move in. That will be happening in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait!


That’s it for now. Peace out!

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